PSG is a privately held corporation founded in 1996 in Charlottesville, Virginia and today headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic and Novi Sad, Serbia. Our company develops and markets computer software products for a wide variety of industries and government organizations.

PLANet Systems Group™ also provides consulting services relating to our products including in-house and on-site training, customer support and maintenance, and customized development. In 1996 PSG developed its first PLANet CRM Customer Relationship Management system, which provided Manuscript Management for the Peer Reviewing of Medical Manuscripts published in Medical Journals.
Since our inception, we have always worked with our clients to build custom solutions that afford the ability to quickly add functionality as needs require. 'Functionality breeds more requests', and we build systems that allow for quick application and integration of desired new functionalities.

Why Choose PLANet Systems Group™?

PSG has a proven history of success in our industry with a depth in technical expertise, service, and products that is hard to match. We can provide your organization with reliable and time-tested solutions. PSG has weathered the ups and downs of our volatile industry by focusing on our strengths and listening to the needs of our users.

What Sets Us Apart?

During all these years, we have not spent any money on paid marketing at all. Instead, we've invested it into our employees and the company culture and atmosphere, as a foundation of the best possible service we are able to provide. This, in turn, leads to the best possible marketing - the "word of mouth" - that shows that there is a high level of satisfaction among our loyal customers.

With such approach, we have created the PSG brand, a brand very well known in Novi Sad and our region; a brand that inspires the people who share the same core values (as defined in our Mission Statement) to want to join our team; and also a brand recognized by our clients and customers in terms of providing high quality services.