Case Studies

Konnect Kloud

Konnect Kloud Case Study Konnect Kloud is a social productivity platform, designed as a simple web based supply chain solution: from any source, to an easy shipment and to a final sale. >>>

RIA Match

PLANet Systems Group RIA Match Case StudyRIA Match Mission: To create an efficient market for advisors and RIAs to partner their practices. >>>

Manuscript Archives

American Chemical Society (ACS) was building an archiving system to gather and manage all of their archives in-house.

To assist in organizing huge amounts of data PLANet Systems Group (PSG) implemented its flagship product Manuscript Archives as a front end of the ACS Archiving Solution. >>>

ScholarOne Ideas

S1 was looking for a way to improve their communication with the end users and create more transparent and interactive process of improving their products through a community based web application that will allow end users to suggest products changes and improvements. >>>

Parature Integration Tools (PIT)

ACS needed custom integrations of Parature and other tools used in different workflows within their organization. To answer this challenge PLANet Systems Group (PSG) created Parature Integration Tools (PIT) platform. >>>

Southeast Streamline, Inc.

PLANet Systems Group has built a customized CRM System for Southeast Streamline in year 2010 to provide cost savings and accurate, timely communication with exporters, importers and truckers. >>>