Customer Support Service


  • We provide range of services to assist customers with their products and services.
  • We specialize in Peer Review Process support as well as in general IT support.
  • Ensuring to provide the best possible experience for the end customer of your product or a service we employ different channels to enable them to reach us and have their issues resolved. Whether it is by email, live chat or phone call we strive to assist in cost effective ways to enhance the level of customer satisfaction.
  • By employing specialized software platforms and current technological and communication tools we make sure that the customers' issues are properly tracked and timely addressed.
  • By providing assistance in planning, installation, training, trouble shooting and maintenance of a process or service our employees make sure that they are going an extra mile in order to help the customer.
  • PLANet Systems Group is proud to say that we have a flexible, dynamic team with impressive collective experience and we can be deployed in broad range of industry branches.