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Pastoral Center Offices

The staff of the Pastoral Center assists the Bishop in his pastoral ministry as chief shepherd of the local church. The Pastoral Center, known in canon law as the diocesan curia, has a threefold function. Firstly, it guides the pastoral activities of the diocese by assisting priests, deacons and lay ministers in their respective apostolates through training, resource sharing and coordination of activities. Secondly, it conducts general administration to respond to the needs of the local church and promoting good stewardship of financial resources. Lastly, it serves a judicial function in the running of the marriage tribunal.

To accomplish these goals the Pastoral Center is divided into offices. The first is the Office of the Bishop. The Bishop represents Christ in the diocese and through his communion with the Bishop of Rome, the Pope, ensures that the Church of Christ, which is the Catholic Church, is truly present in its fullness. The next is the Office of Vicar General. The vicar general can perform and fulfill many of the administrative functions of the bishop.

Following these two principle ministries the Pastoral Center is divided into four areas. The first is the Office of Development and Finance. This office is responsible for ensuring the efficient and fruitful use of the temporal resources of the diocese. The next is the Office of the Judicial Vicar. This office oversees the marriage tribunal and some other canonical legal matters. The third is the Office of the Moderator of the Curia. This office assists the departments most directly engaged in the area of pastoral ministry. The final area is the Office of Safe Environment which is responsible for the on-going implementation of the Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.

Bishop of Duluth
Most Reverend Paul David Sirba
Vicar General
Reverend James Bissonette, J.C.L.
Chancellor Reverend Eric F. Hastings, J.C.L.
      Curial Notary
Rose Eichmueller
       Historical Archivist  Christine Skalko
Office of Finance & Facilities
Department of Finance 
Franz Hoefferle
     Finance Officer/Chief Financial Officer
Franz Hoefferle
     Staff Accountant
     Accounting Specialist
     Property Maintenance
Donald Bergerson
Scott Fifield
Office of Judicial Vicar
     Judicial Vicar
Rev. Eric F. Hastings, J.C.L
      Promoter of Justice
Rev. James B. Bissonette, J.C.L.
     Defender of the Bond
Rev. Dale Nau, J.C.L.
Rev. Richard Kunst
Carol Spielman

Department of Catechesis, RCIA & Lay Apostolate

Liz Hoefferle

      Catechetical Resources
Department of Catholic Schools
Department of Communications Kyle Eller
Department of Development
Department of Indian Ministry Sr. Marie Rose Messingschlager, CDP
Department of Liturgy Rev. Joel Hastings
     Diocesan Coordinator of Music Delano Kahlstorf
Department of Marriage & Family Life  Vacant
Department of Social Apostolate & Campaign for Human Development
Patrice Menor
Department of Vocations  
     Department of Priesthood & Religious Life Rev. Ryan Moravitz
    Department of the Permanent Diaconate Deacon David Craig
Department of Youth & Young Adult Ministry Rev. Michael Schmitz
     Assistant Heather Serena
Secretarial Staff  
Office of Bishop/Dept of Development
Offices of Vicar General/Depts of Chancellor/Cont.
Form. of Clergy/Vocations-Priesthood & Rel. Life &
Permanent Diaconate/ Diocesan Review Board
Depts of Schools/Catechesis & RCIA/Youth & Young Adult Ministry/Creed Fund
Depts of The Northern Cross/Liturgy/Social Apostolate/Safe Environment/Marriage & Family Life/Human Life and Development Fund/ Communi- cations
Office of Judicial Vicar
Office of Safe Environment  Rev. James B. Bissonette, J.C.L.
Department of Protection of Children & Young People Ernie Stauffenecker
Diocesan Review Board, Chair  Rev. James B. Bissonette, J.C.L.
Diocese of Duluth • 2830 E Fourth St • Duluth Minnesota 55812 • (218) 724- 9111