Editorial Office Support

Help Editors and Publishers achieve their goals by taking the burden of mundane time consuming tasks and the need to constantly keep-up with software developments in scientific publishing, allowing them to focus on providing quality peer-reviewed research to the scientific community.


  •  Publish quality peer-reviewed scientific research
  • Efficiently and effectively shorten the time from submission to publication
  • Not waste time on everyday administrative tasks
  • Not be constantly challenged by ever-changing modern technologies
  • Experience fast & high quality customer support


  • Ensuring error-free process by assigning editorial tasks to our experts
  • Vast experience in supporting wide range of scientific publishing and reporting platforms
  • Staff recruitment and training of staff by PSG experts
  • Professional working environment well equipped with up to date technology


  • Online peer review and reporting systems experts
  • Taking advantage of current leading applications and solutions to facilitate remote collaboration
  • Well organized and time efficient
  • Providing multilingual services
  • Simplifying complex processes



Imagine manuscript submitted with all correct data and perfectly formatted files. All you need, as an editor, to do is to assess it and let us know about your decision. We shall process it technically for you as we are experts for:

I) Journal Administrator Tasks
We shall check manuscripts’ data and files and contact the authors asking them for corrections.
We shall inform editors about submissions as well as their assignments.

II) Editorial Assistant Tasks
We shall follow standard procedures appropriately adapted to fit the journal needs as well as editors’ working habits in order to insure perfection in/professional and quality handling of manuscripts throughout peer review cycle.
We shall take care of reviewers, help authors to walk through revisions, notify editors when their attention is needed.
We shall execute decisions made by editors and communicate with all involved parties.

III) Reporting Tasks
As experts in different reporting systems we shall generate and distribute appropriate reports for journals’ editorial offices.

IV) Extra Tasks
Our experts are able to do appropriate research in order to provide editor(s) with additional information regarding manuscript authors, subject area, or potential reviewers.
We would be able to recommend system modifications that could improve efficiency and editorial office performance.
Our experts are able to easily and independently adjust priorities to insure that the journal’s standards of timeliness are met.


  • We provide range of services to assist customers with their products and services.
  • We specialize in Peer Review Process support as well as in general IT support.
  • Ensuring to provide the best possible experience for the end customer of your product or a service we employ different channels to enable them to reach us and have their issues resolved. Whether it is by email, live chat or phone call we strive to assist in cost effective ways to enhance the level of customer satisfaction.
  • By employing specialized software platforms and current technological and communication tools we make sure that the customers' issues are properly tracked and timely addressed.
  • By providing assistance in planning, installation, training, trouble shooting and maintenance of a process or service our employees make sure that they are going an extra mile in order to help the customer.
  • PLANet Systems Group is proud to say that we have a flexible, dynamic team with impressive collective experience and we can be deployed in broad range of industry branches.