Konnect Kloud

"Source. Sale. Ship. Supply Chain made Simple."

Konnect Kloud is a social productivity platform, created to allow individuals and organizations to communicate and collaborate in unique ways thereby allowing for the full benefit of social productivity.

Konnect Kloud accomplishes this by providing a host of functions including those for contact management (member profile, contacts, Konnects), project management (appointment, calendar, and activity), process management (dashboard), communication management (channels, Konnects, and Konnects profile), and sales management (marketplace).

It was designed as a simple web based supply chain solution: from any source, to an easy shipment and to a final sale. In other words, unlike other forms of social media, Konnect Kloud has taken the steps to create a real work environment. Users can define who has profile access and the information that is shared. Supply chain management has and always been about solid networks. Konnect Kloud gives them a better way to manage it.

PLANet Systems Group Konnect Kloud

Main Features:

  • Dynamic Closed Networks
  • Secure Messaging
  • Quick Grouping
  • Live Chat
  • Mobile App Posting
  • Image Preview
  • Appointments, Activities, Calendar and Event Management
  • Search
  • EDI Capable
  • Custom Business Modules

PLANet Systems Group Konnect Kloud Case Study

PLANet Systems Group Konnect Kloud Case Study