Manuscript Archives

Looking at the future of the ever-growing online scholarly publishing world, PLANet Systems Group (PSG) has recognized the rising need for a secure, fault tolerant and highly reliable archiving solution.


The Manuscript Archives Project encompasses PSG’s excellence as custom programming professionals combined with our rich experience as an active provider of professional outsourced support services to scholarly societies and journals in their peer review and production processes. Manuscript Archives platform uses the latest web technologies to fulfill the need to virtually store any amount of data securely and inexpensively, thus allowing users to rest assured that any portion of the data stored will always be available when needed.

The Technology

Manuscript Archives is a Software-as-a-Service platform with an extremely flexible and database agnostic core application. This enables Manuscript Archives to run on  databases and to quickly adopt a different data structure. Manuscript Archives comes in three different versions based on the storage type. Data can be stored either on PSG servers located in Dallas, Texas; in the Amazon Cloud; or we can run Manuscript Archives as an interface to the already existing client storage.

How It Works

Integration with the client’s web-based solution for online submission and peer review allows for easy uploading of manuscript files and the accompanying meta-data. Manuscript Archives has already been set up to work with the ScholarOne Manuscripts application, with seamless integration achieved in just a few easy steps. Manuscript Archives features an intuitive interface with a concise two-column layout, allowing for easy access to archived content utilizing an advanced smart search functionality based on all available metadata such as, Title, Manuscript ID, Keywords, Abstract, Authors, etc. Despite the fact that it is a standalone web based platform,
due to its user-friendly design, no additional training is required for your Journal Administrators.
You can locate and preview manuscript details in a snap - with all of the accompanying data and once there, the download of the archived manuscript package is just one click away.