Manuscript Archives

Implementation for American Chemical Society

MA is a secure, fault tolerant and highly redundant archiving solution that can store any amount of manuscripts inexpensively and securely and provides an intuitive and innovative interface using the latest web technologies.

American Chemical Society (ACS) was building an archiving system to gather and manage all of their archives in-house.

To assist in organizing huge amounts of manuscript data PLANet Systems Group (PSG) implemented its flagship product, Manuscript Archives, as a front end of the ACS Archiving Solution.

Manuscript Archives (MA) is an SaaS application that allows preserving entire scopes of volumes of published and non-published Manuscripts in-house, via PSG’s hosting solutions or in the cloud.

PLANet Systems Group Manuscript Archives

Project Objectives:

  • Implement MA on top of ACS’s Oracle cluster as an external interface.
  • Access the manuscripts from multiple filers and allow download.
  • Provide search functionality by Metadata, Authors, and other requested criteria.
  • Authorize users through the ACS SSO and provide usage statistics.

PLANet Systems Group RIA Match Case Study