PLANet w3 CMS:

  Do these Website Management issues ring a bell?
  Your web site is out of date because it requires special skills to work with the site?
  It takes too long for any time sensitive updates (news, press releases, job vacancy announcements) to be posted to your existing website?
  It takes too long to make a simple global change to the website, such as adding a new navigational element on every page or adding an entirely new content area?
  You are not able to proactively communicate with your potential clients via your website?
  Your online presence does not enable you to get feedback from your clients, or discuss business related topics?
  The maintenance cost of your web site is just too high?

With a simple implementation of PLANet w3 CMS you can: improve your business communication, strengthen the position of your company on the market and save both time and money.

PLANet Systems Group's PLANet w3 CMS is a Content Management System that manages all the workflow needs a website manager could face, while allowing website content management and customization without any previous IT knowledge. Successful businesses can have partners, associates or administrative staff from anywhere in the world connect to the system with appropriate security user name and password and enter the most updated web content directly into website.

The PLANet w3 CMS Web Editor interface enables the formatting of the articles with a Microsoft Word style interface, allowing the user to simply insert graphics and hyper-links directly into article text. Each article can also be appointed a publish date and sort order. The PLANet w3 CMS Web Editor has many other features that make uploading website content easy and exciting.