Parature Integration Tools (PIT)

American Chemical Society (ACS) uses Parature as their Customer Service software.
Parature is the industry's leading provider of cloud-based customer service software, used to support more than 3,000 brands and approximately 70 million end-users worldwide.

ACS needed custom integrations of Parature and other tools used in different workflows within their organization. To answer this challenge PLANet Systems Group (PSG) created the Parature Integration Tools (PIT) platform. PIT is a custom system built as a control center for all Parature's API communications through the REST API, with a wide range of different integrations, tools and interfaces.

PLANet Systems Group Parature Integration Tools

Top Ten PIT functionalities:

1. DocuSign Integration

2. SnapEngage Chat Integration

3. Angel Integration

4. SalesForce Integration

5. Hash Tags Implementation

6. E-mail2Ticket System

7. Zabbix integration

8. Widget Tools System

9. QA System

10. AutoCad floor plans reader implementation

PLANet Systems Group Parature Integration Tools

PLANet Systems Group Parature Integration Tools