Professional Peer Review Services

Our service packages can provide Vendors, Publishers and Societies with professional, skilled, and responsive administrative support that is geographically independent, continuous, and reliable.

With our in-depth knowledge of the world of Online Scientific Scholarly Peer Review and Publishing, we can provide your Company with high quality, prompt and accurate service that is adaptable to varied work flows, models and patterns. Our experienced support team pays great attention to clients’ training, support and guidance on all levels.

PLANet Systems Group™ also provides its own complete office infrastructure to clients: hardware, software, recruitment and training services, to lower the cost of overall service-related expenditures, allowing clients to pursue easy and cost-effective implementation of new services, with minimum efforts.

Our services are proven to be reliable, scalable and can be quickly deployed on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Professional Editorial Support

Professional Editorial Office Support is PLANet Systems Group’s ready-made outsourced service package, designed to provide dedicated professional assistance with the daily technical and administrative tasks involved in peer review processes that accompany an editorial role.

The aim is to enable Editors to focus their efforts and attention on the publishing of high-quality papers, without being hindered by obstacles of ever-changing modern technologies. >>>

Professional Experience

PLANet Systems Group™ has been involved in online scholarly peer review and publishing from its very beginnings. During the early nineties, Dean E. Bedford, the principal founder of PSG, was the first to develop Manuscript Manager, one of the industry’s first peer review applications while working as a developer for Carden Jennings Publishing. The first Manuscript Manager Peer Review Application provided manuscript management for peer review processes of manuscripts published in Medical Journals and served as a foundation of the widely successful Manuscript Central application, now managed and deployed by ScholarOne, a Thomson Reuters business.

In 2004, ScholarOne Manuscripts end-user support for Europe-based users was set up with two full-time employees based in our office in Novi Sad, Serbia as Tier One case support. Over the years, our professional peer review support team has grown to 82 members with over 190 total years of relevant professional experience.