RIA Match


About RIA Match


RIA Match Mission: To create an efficient market for advisors and RIAs to partner their practices.

The self-populated RIA Match database contains advisors and RIAs who are interested in connecting and communicating with each other anonymously and securely.

RIA Match's proprietary matching algorithms pair the visions and values of people and practices. Its unique 2-way matching system ensures that not only do the profiles meet their objectives; it also makes sure the profiles match theirs.

PLANet Systems Group RIA Match

RIA Match serves the following user types:

  • Advisors seeking succession planning by adding an advisor to their firm or M&A.
  • Advisors wanting to connect with other advisors to form a contingency planning.
  • RIAs who want to grow their firms through adding new advisors.
  • Advisors interested in buying or selling their practices.
  • Breakaway brokers and wirehouse reps looking to join an existing firm.
  • Advisors in transition: those who want to enter, move within or leave the space.

PLANet Systems Group RIA Match Case Study

Project Objectives

  • Build a fully customized social network platform affording members to build their online profile by answering questions about their experience, practice and objectives.
  • Once their profile has been fully completed, RIA Match's exclusive, two-way matching system finds people and practices that share the same objectives, rates them based on how well they match and automatically adds them to their Match List.
  • Once matched, the advisors can also assign personal ratings to their matches, share profiles with colleagues and initiate contact with matches that are of interest. Members are fully in control of their information and do not need to reveal personal details until fully ready.
  • Regulate membership offered through three different plan levels tailored to varying levels of members' needs.
  • Integrate a standalone shopping cart, fully compatible and cooperable with the cms database.