Scholar One Ideas

Salesforce Ideas Portal Implementation

ScholarOne (S1) is a Thomson Reuters business providing scholarly publishers, societies, and associations with online, flexible workflow solutions since the mid-1990s.

S1 was looking for a way to improve their communication with end users and create a more transparent and interactive process of improving their products through a community based web application that would allow end users to suggest products changes and enhancements.

PLANet Systems Group ScholarOne Ideas Implementation

The Solution:

To answer this challenge PLANet Systems Group (PSG) implemented the Salesforce Ideas Portal for S1. PSG implemented the design and workflow created by S1 by customizing the SalesForce Ideas platform. Our development team implemented custom solutions for authentication, submitting Ideas, voting to promote or demote the Ideas, Search and a notification system to keep the S1 staff and their end users up to date on all of the developments within the Ideas Portal.