PLANet Systems Group offers a wide range of services from expert consulting and entirely Custom-built applications, to services that support our systems. As consultants we design database solutions based on your specific needs.


Our team has years of experience in building applications, from dynamic on-line photo libraries, to dynamic content web sites of major magazines and from CRM Solutions for small to medium companies to big enterprise platforms designed to support providers of airline and cargo ground services. Whether you need just a new innovative design or the actual system development, our IT representatives can assist you.


Professional Peer Review Services


With our in-depth knowledge of the world of Online Scientific Scholarly Peer Review and Publishing, we can provide your Company with high quality, prompt and accurate service that is adaptable to varied work flows, models and patterns. Our experienced support team pays great attention to clients’ training, support and guidance on all levels >>>

Video Production


Did you know that over 60% of today’s Web is video content? Large majority of the population prefers the visual stimulus while learning. Educational Video content takes the learning one step further by combining the visual and audio input to produce the best learning media available today >>>

Implementation Services


Our Implementation Services range goes from the installation and administration on our shared or dedicated servers to external installations at your ISP. Whether you want to host at some ISP or actually own that hardware that runs your application, we will provide you with the assistance needed >>>

Consulting and New Media Marketing


Apart from designing solutions based on your specific needs, PLANet Systems Group also provides a package of Web-related consulting services, as consultants - we can help you assert your online presence >>>