We choose the best solutions for your web presence in co-operation with you. Therefore we always draw attention the actual trends and developments in the world-wide-web as well as the behaviour of the internet users.



In the ever-evolving digital world today, importance of web application development is paramount for businesses. Today, more and more people browse the internet to learn what, where and how to buy, in addition to constant exposure to loads of information online. Hence, one of the best ways to connect to the larger global audience is through interactive and relevant website applications that connect businesses to the target audience in the most effective manner. Diverse technology integration initiates effective web application development, paving the way to improved communication and brand awareness. >>>

Custom Programming


PLANet Systems Group delivers rapid, fully integrated, front-end and technology-intensive back-end business solutions. We utilize our strong project management skills to provide our clients with a broad array of solutions. One of our key strengths is our disciplined process for executing highly technical projects within scope, on time, and within budget. >>>

Mobile App Development


Intuitive and user-friendly mobile apps are the future of web based businesses today. By creating unique and innovative mobile application, your business becomes an indispensable part of the broader mobile market, which is ever-growing and vast. Our team of expert developers has the proficiency to create customer-oriented mobile applications for different platforms, helping businesses to leverage the power and market for various mobile platforms. We have hands on knowledge and experience in developing mobile applications, delivering business oriented, and flexible, custom solutions. >>>

Cross Platform Integration


When you're operating multiple systems, databases, and networks, everything must work together. And if you're running a business in today's IT dependent market, you're working in more than just one environment.PLANet Systems Group has the expertise and experience to provide the integration your business requires to make the most of your technology investments. Based on your existing IT operations, PSG will help you create a system that not only integrates your entire business, but also sets you up for further technology growth. >>>

Quality Assurance


Whether you're deploying a mission critical enterprise web application or a consumer-oriented content rich website, PLanet Systems Group can provide a quick, efficient, and cost-effective QA and testing solution. PSG's expertise covers the entire gamut of web technologies, and we offer a wide range of QA services and web testing methodologies such as compatibility, functionality, and load testing of your web site. Our teams can provide agile QA to keep up with your agile development processes. >>>

Customer Support


Apart from providing your Company with the high quality personnel ensuring prompt and accurate service in the delivery of excellent customer related services, PLANet Systems Group provides complete office infrastructure as a part of the outsourced customer service package: hardware, software, recruitment and training services, resulting in lower total cost of overall service-related expenditures. >>>

PLANet How To


Each of our base applications is fully adaptable and customizable to adapt to client's specific business model. Here is a sample list of Manuals and Tutorials for our own platforms as well as some third-party solutions also used by our clients and compiled over the years. >>>