Southeast Streamline, Inc.

Southeast Streamline, Inc. is a Virginia-based import and export truck brokerage company. By using matchbacks, the system of reloading emptied imports with exports, Southeast Streamline efficiently utilizes trucks to reduce unloaded miles and needless pollution while improving load turnaround and saving the shipping community the money spent on empty miles.

PLANet Systems Group has built a customized CRM System for Southeast Streamline to provide cost savings and accurate, timely communication between brokers, exporters, importers and truckers.

PLANet Systems Group Southeast Streamline CRM

Main Features:

1. Brokers are able to easily follow the entire matching process, from order requesting until accounting.

2. Exporters and importers can access and track their loads.

3. Truckers are able to claim available loads, manage the needed documentation, generate and download transport orders from the system and obtain timely updates and reminders via the automated email system.

PLANet Systems Group Southeast Streamline CRM