Thoughts on PLANet Systems Group:

"Dean (Dean E. Bedford, President of PLANet Systems Group) has actually been with Mountain Lumber longer than I have so he was here working when I came 8 years ago. I believe that he did the initial set up late in 1998. He was recommended thru a series of IT professionals in the Charlottesville area with an "up and coming" new database. His work included an accounts system or CRM an inventory management system, a quoting and invoicing system he added later related notes and activities tables along with marketing implementation and tracking tables. His initial system included a separate table for "archived" accounts and a method to track our competitors but later we combined all that into one table to minimize the different places to look for information. Basically he developed a system that allowed us to track every aspect of our reclaimed wood business.

As for support, he has been responsive and dedicated to my needs and requests without hesitation; he tends to the request through to the finish. He and his team have done more for Mountain Lumber than any other organization we have dealt with. His team makes us feel as if it were personal to them as if it were their own.

Would I recommend Dean and PLANet Systems Group team? - Without reservation.
I have and will continue to recommend them to everyone that appears to me to be in need of their services."

Mark P. Huntley
IT Manager - Mountain Lumber Company

Thoughts on PLANet Flight Tracker:
"It's the G5 of FBO Management"

Before our implementation of PLANet Flight Tracker in 2002, all Flight Operation information was stored and managed in Excel Spreadsheet. The average time from Flight Operation completion to Customer Invoicing being posted was well above 30 days. Now with PLANet Flight Tracker, we have reduced that time to an average of 10 days. The savings along with the professionally generated custom Customer Invoices have greatly improved our return on investment and bottom line.

When we launched our FBO services in Germany, we had to address many new tax and regulation considerations.

The ease of customization afforded by PLANet Flight Tracker supported us in bringing 16 new German airports online and generating revenue.

PLANet Flight Tracker affords me to view all customer flight ops activity prior to calling or visiting a Customer. The competition reports allow our Sales Department to make sure that we are not losing customer to competitor FBO's. Flight Tracker shines a very bright and important light on all aspects of Customer Sales and Management."

Otto Wright
Sales Director - FERAS Inc.