Implementation Services

Our Implementation Services range from the installation and administration on our shared or dedicated servers to external installations at your ISP. Whether you want to host at some ISP or actually own the hardware that runs your application, we will provide you with the assistance needed

Customization at Its Best

The customization of your new application begins with you showing us the way you work. Is there a mismatch in the workflow between our default workflow cycles in the application and your current workflow? No need to change the way you work. We will change the way application works to support you. Our applications are built with that goal from version 1. All system and modules can easily be changed to accommodate any business model and fit a vast span of vertical markets with a short period of implementation.

Customization is the business we are in.

Flexible Applications Architecture

Our applications architecture is flexible and it runs on any standard PHP / MySQL platform. There is no database or other software fees involved. There are no special libraries used so you will not run into problems if you desire to host the application somewhere else. One of our main goals is to keep the applications architecture as simple as possible and at the same time have powerful functionality offered by the big systems that run on Java / Oracle or similar platforms.

Migration Gives You Headache? Oh, no...


Are you stuck with an old CRM / CMS system and worried about switching to a new one? All that data? Mayor changes in the way you run your business. No need to worry. All of our applications are supported by powerful PLANet SQL engine built in FileMaker Pro 7. This means that we are able to move your legacy data into our applications very fast, with a reliable tool built especially for that purpose. PLANet SQL reads the MySQL database structure and implements the changes that we are making to the basic application while we customize it for your business model. Once the new application is ready, the migration scripts are ready, too.

Integration With Other Applications


Same as with import, the export of the data is one of the most important aspects of any application. Are you using external data mining application or the sales database is already running and you want to integrate it with our applications? Again - no problem. Data in CSV and XML formats can be exported from all our applications with one click of a button. Need automatic integration between two databases? No worries, that's what we do best. We customize software to meet your needs.