Mission Statement

  1. Customer Service is Job One.
  2. To Establish mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.
  3. Understand that the most important part of business is profit.
  4. Understand that the most important part of life is family, friends and community.
  5. Never let the most important part of business get in the way of the most important part of life.

Board of Advisors

Jeff Cornejo

Managing Partner & CTO / Blue Ridge InternetWorks

As co-founder of Blue Ridge InternetWorks, Jeff Cornejo is responsible for providing customers with the best technological strategies by drawing on his experience with large business information systems, Internet technologies, and business processes.

Prior to this he was the Director of Information Technology Systems at Crutchfield Corporation, the nation's leading catalog and Internet supplier of audio and video products for car and home. In this position he was responsible for designing and maintaining Crutchfield's computing, networking, and telecommunications infrastructure across multiple call centers and distribution centers.

Mr. Cornejo has extensive experience in many aspects of the Information Technology arena including networks, operating systems, databases, programming languages, project management, design and development methodologies.

William duPont

Principal, Managing Partner / THINK Interactive, Inc.

A true interactive agency pioneer, Will was an original founder of THINK in 1994. He led the agency from a start-up position through a merger with a public company that gave him responsibility for eight offices and 450 interactive marketing and creative people — before negotiating a deal to make THINK a private company again.

A pragmatic THINKer, Will not only provides agency leadership but has a great knack for finding creative ways of growing our clients' bottom lines. Prior to launching the agency in 1994, Will worked in financial services.

Paul Goggin

VP Technology at Free All Music, LLC Director of Technology / THINK Interactive, Inc.

An original founder of THINK, Paul has provided sound technology leadership throughout our company's varied history. He has helped grow THINK from a start-up position, through a merger with a public company, and back to private status.

Paul has provided strategy and technology expertise and knowledge to such diverse organizations as Alltel, AOL, BellSouth, IBM, Citibank, ABN AMRO, Borg Warner, Coca-Cola Company, DuPont, UPS, NAPA, Ferrari, NCR and Siemens. Paul holds a degree in Physics from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Jack Helmly

President / Taproot Capital

Mr. Helmly founded Taproot Capital in 2007 to provide capital support, management assistance and related services for small and medium-sized technology services companies. The firm is focused primarily on assisting emerging contractors with merger and acquisition support, corporate finance, equity, and leasing services. Mr. Helmly also assists senior executives in developing corporate strategy and execution.

In addition, Taproot Capital offers clients business development and capture, sales training and related services. Mr. Helmly currently serves on the IAC committee for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to bring commercial best practices to the federal IT arena.

Prior to founding Taproot Capital, in 2002 Mr. Helmly founded GTSI Financial Services, a subsidiary of GTSI Corp., to provide government leasing and financing for GTSI's vast array of government contracts. The entity was enormously successful and quickly became the most profitable entity in GTSI history. Mr. Helmly then aligned a comprehensive suite of service offerings around the concept of Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM) to drive the company toward infrastructure services and a sustainable recurring revenue model. TLM is now GTSI's corporate strategy.

Mr. Helmly has over two decades of lease and finance experience, holding positions at GMAC, Comdisco Telecom, AT&T Capital (co-founder of the federal division) and his own firm, Taproot Technology Services. In addition Mr. Helmly has led numerous sales and marketing efforts, focused both on the government and commercial sectors.

Curtis Flynn

Director of the Wholesale Channel / Maersk Line

Upon graduation from the College of William and Mary, Mr. Flynn started his career with Maersk Shipping in 1990 as a trainee. Eighteen months later he started to work in front line sales, then in 1996 he became a Sales Manager in Hong Kong, South China. In 1999 he was made Assistant Director of Global Clients Asia. In 2001 he was made Director Sales of Global Clients Africa and in 2003 Sale Manager for the African Region. In 2006, Mr Flynn moved to Copenhagen, Denmark as a Director of Key Client Services where he was responsible for clients with annual sales over 20 million Euros a year.

In April 2008 Mr. Flynn was made Director of the Wholesale Channel for Maersk Line, which represents 27% of company's turn over, or approximately $ 5 billion in revenues.

Mr. Flynn holds his current position at the Maersk headquaters of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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